Fragrance Families

We regularly get asked about the fragrance families we use to help classify our FM Fragrances, so we’ve put together a bit of information about each family:

Fougere – Your natural beauty
Fern and lavender, complemented by numerous other components, such as oak moss, fresh herbs or courmarin, create a very intriguing fragrance family- fougere, whose name derives from French word meaning fern. The history of this group dates back to 19th century – that was when the first fragrance of this family was created: Fougere Royale (Royal Fern). Due to the composition Fourgere is divided into two subgroups. The first one is dominated by lavender and the second one by fern.

Chypre – Deep aroma of the South
Unique composition of wood, ground-herbal patchouli aroma, aromatic oil of bergamot, cedar oil, castoreum and other components, create a highly valued and popular fragrance family of Chypre. The name of that group derives from the first perfumes: Chypre Coty, which were inspired by Francois Coty’s memorable vacation spent in Cyprus in 1917. Fragrances that belong to that group are divided into three subfamilies: chypre-fruit, chypre-wood, and chypre-animal.

Citrus – Summer all year round
Fresh and juicy fruit such as lime, orange and bergamot create a very refreshing Citrus family. It gives you an incredible boost of energy and stimulate you to action. These fragrances used to be created for men only, but currently they are recognised as a universal group. Depending on the composition the citrus family is divided into subgroups of lemon, mandarin, orange and bergamot.

Wood – Discreet elegant charm
Warm and rich notes of sandal or guaiacum wood, patchouli oils combined with a bit raw but refined aroma of cedar and vetiver, and also floral scents create an elegant and sophisticated fragrance family of Wood. Some components of these scents, such as sweet, resinous, and slightly musky sandal wood, were already used as fragrances in antiquity. This family is divided into subgroups: floral, fruit, and patchouli based.

Floral – Emotions smell like flowers
On the one hand the most popular, on the other – the most diverse. Floral family is a unique group which features not only various combinations but also intensity of the smell. Compositions of jasmine, rose, lilly of the valley, ylang-ylang flower, turberose, iris, violet and gardenia, create real flower bouquets suitable for most women. This family is divided into five subfamilies: floral-fruit, floral-oriental, floral-water, floral-green, and floral-aldehyde.

Oriental – Indescribable power of sensual scents
Oriental perfumes are exotic, sensual and seductive compositions suitable mostly for women. This group is often reffered to as ambergris group and its name derives from François Coty’s famous perfume – L’Ambre Antique from 1905. Sweet notes of vanilla, spicy scent of cinnamon and fruity-spicy smell of cardamom make this group a classic and sharp fragrance. This group includes subfamilies: oriental flower, spicy and ambergris.

[info]On the FM Perfume Store website, we’ve assigned all of our fragrance products with their appropriate fragrance family. You can search by fragrance family in any of our fragrance collections by using the drop down list in the sidebar, and you can see the fragrance family each fragrance belongs to in the “Additional Information” box on each product page.[/info]

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