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    I declare that:

    1.)  I am joining the FM GROUP Club and I will participate in it under the terms and condition of the Marketing Plan, the FM GROUP Club Regulations and the Code of Ethics, I have received a copy of the Marketing Plan, the FM GROUP Club Regulations, the Code of Ethics, and I am familiar with their contents, which I accept in full.

    2.)  I undertake to comply with the provisions of the FM GROUP Club Regulations, the Marketing Plan and the Code of Ethics during the period of membership in the FM GROUP Club.

    3.)  I agree to receive commercial information to the e-mail address or phone number provided by me, i.e. to receive advertisements and notifications related to marketing products and services placed on the market under the Trademarks of “FM GROUP” and “FM GROUP Club”.

    4.)  I agree to disclose my personal data on the FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. or FM GROUP Branch website by the FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. or an FM GROUP Branch, which is available to other Network participants. In case of refusal of the consent, I will be present on the Network’s website only under the assigned Business Partner’s Number.

    5.)  I declare that I shall only have the status of a Preferred Customer (FM GROUP Club Member that can only order products and collect commission earned for personal purchases; cannot however build a sales structure and make profit out of it).

    6.)  I agree to the processing of my personal data and the data necessary for billing and cooperation by FM Group World Artur Trawinski Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. with the registered office in Wrocław, ul. Zmigrodzka 247 (KRS: 0000268185, NIP: 895-187-00-93), hereinafter “FM GROUP World” and by FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. Company Number 06224812, hereinafter “FM COSMETICS UK Ltd.” or FM GROUP Branch, in the Database of FM GROUP Business Partners, created within the organisation of an international Network, the purposes of implementing the provisions of this Agreement and its annexes. I agree to the transfer of my personal data by FM GROUP World to a third country.

    FM GROUP World is the administrator of the database, which includes personal data of all registered Business Partners, and FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. is the administrator of the database, which includes personal data of the registered Business Partners of FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. The purpose of personal data collecting and processing is: registration in the FM GROUP Club, which enables purchasing and organisation of Networks, financial settlements and documentation of business transactions, calculating points, discounts and remunerations, as well as proper documentation, keeping in contact with other Business Partners and their Groups, to promote the most active Business Partners, the implementation of cooperation in providing Business Partners goods and services, in the sales of which respectively FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. or a Branch mediates, implementation of loyalty and incentive programmes.

    The recipients of the personal data may be: (a) other Business Partners, (b) the parties personally or financially associated with FM GROUP World, (c) potential customers of FM GROUP World, FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. or a Branch and third parties that wish to join FM GROUP Club, (d) courier companies used by FM COSMETICS UK Ltd., FM GROUP Branch or Business Partners, (e) companies which organise events for Business Partners on behalf of FM GROUP World or FM COSMETICS UK Ltd., (f ) training companies, (g) advertising agencies, (h) PR companies. By filling this Application and concluding the Agreement the Business Partner voluntarily provides their personal data to FM GROUP World and FM COSMETICS UK Ltd. and/or FM GROUP Branch. The Business Partner has the right to access their personal data and the right to request the update at any time.

    The lack of consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the above provisions is equivalent to lack of consent to the conclusion of this Agreement.

    7.)  I agree to receive correspondence via email to the address provided by me or through an individual panel available by logging on

    8.)  I agree to the publication of the data and image on the website and in publications, publications of FM COSMETICS UK Ltd., FM GROUP Branch or FM GROUP World.

    9.)  I have read the Regulations of the Business Partnership Agreement, including the Marketing Plan before filling out the application.

    10.)  By entering my full name (First and Last) into the field below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree with the above. I wish my typewritten name in this field to constitute my legal signature equivalent to my handwritten signature.

    If you do not understand any of the provisions of the documents or have any questions about any of the documents please contact the company on 02084517776 for assistance before proceeding further with the application.

    It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

    Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.