Active Beta-Glucan Collection

beta-glucan collectionCosmetics of the β-GLUCAN ACTIVE collection were developed on an innovative natural active ingredient: beta-glucan derived from oat grains.

Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide, soluble fiber contained in oat. Its anti-wrinkle effect and ability to penetrate very deep into the skin is one of the biggest discoveries in recent years. Its effectiveness has been confirmed in many tests. Beta-glucan:

  • has rejuvenating and anti-ageing effect, as it activates fibroblasts present in the skin, that stimulate collagen production, giving a long- lasting effect of fine line and wrinkle reduction
  • provides the skin with optimum moisture, forming a thin layer on its surface to protect against water loss
  • regenerates dry skin, relieves irritation, supports the growth of keratinocytes and healing processes
  • stimulates activity of immune cells – macrophages – increasing immunity
  • firms and tightens the skin, making it become smooth and flexible
  • is a natural factor protecting against UV rays
  • penetrates the skin very well, reaching even the deep layers of the dermis
  • facilitates the effect of other active ingredients contained in cosmetics

In the cosmetic industry, beta-glucan derived from yeast is most commonly used, but it is oat beta-glucan that most effectively stimulates the activity of macrophages to secrete cytokines and, thus, increases the immunity of the organism and its regenerative abilities.* Macrophages are present in all organs of the body – including the skin.

The beneficial properties of beta-glucan are used not only in the cosmetic industry and dermatology, but also in dietary supplements. It lowers blood pressure, sugar levels and eve and even increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Face Serum β-Glucan Active

A modern cosmetic product for all skin types; especially recommended for skin with dilated capillaries as well as for acne-prone, sensitive, tired and dry skin. Intended for regular use as a substitute for cream, preferably in the morning and evening, as well as on selected face and body areas, that require special care. Allergen-free.

Face Serum

  • Oat beta-glucan – moisturises and regenerates the skin, supporting its renewal and reducing redness
  • Colloidal silver – called a natural antibiotic – has antibacterial and soothing properties; normalizes sebum secretion
  • Esters of higher fatty acids – high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 acids – as a component of the inter cellular cement and the stratum corneum are involved in lipid metabolism and condition the maintenance of the natural protective barrier; firm the skin and improve its condition
  • Coconut oil – not only nourishes the skin, but also has antibacterial properties; accelerates regeneration of the skin and protects against UV rays, moisturises, smoothes and firms
  • Vitamin C – as a natural antioxidant, slows down the skin aging process and stimulates collagen synthesis, supporting cell renewal

Face Creams β-Glucan Active

For daily use, morning and evening. Allergen-free.
Beta-glucan’s effect in the creams and serum has been strengthened by an additional active ingredient – esters of higher fatty acids derived from linseed oil:

  • Rich in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) necessary to maintain proper appearance of the skin
  • Prevents water loss from the epidermis
  • Rebuilds the lipid layer
  • Improves skin elasticity

Moisturising Face Cream

  • Oat beta-glucan – supports collagen synthesis, regenerates the skin and influences reduction of wrinkles
  • Sodium lactate and glycerol – smooth the skin and prevent its drying
  • Hyaluronic acid – restores skin firmness and smoothness, affects wrinkle reduction
  • Esters of higher fatty acids – make the skin flexible and rebuild the epidermal lipid layer

Semi-rich Face Cream

  • Oat beta-glucan – penetrates into the skin and rebuilds it actively
  • Esters of higher fatty acids – help maintain proper moisture level
  • Coconut oil – moisturises, smoothes and firms the skin
  • Shea butter – has skin care properties, is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins, that delay the aging process

Rich Face Cream

  • Oat beta-glucan and esters of higher fatty acids – provide the skin with an appropriate level of hydration and elasticity
  • Argan oil – derived from argan nuts that have not been chemically treated – has antioxidant properties to counteract the aging process and regenerate the lipid layer of epidermis
  • Avocado oil – rich in vitamins and phytosterols – regenerates, nourishes, softens and protects the skin
  • Hydrolat of witch hazel – soothes redness and regulates sebum production

Body Balms β-Glucan Active

Are the answer to the needs of demanding, dry skin, but also skin with cellulite, which requires special care, combined with diet and physical activity.

Anticellulite Body Balm

  • Anticellulite Forte complex – shapes the body and strengthens the tissues, reducing the “orange peel” effect
  • Extract of Centella asiatica herb – stimulates production of collagen and elastin, restoring proper skin density and elasticity and preventing stretch marks
  • Horsetail – strengthens and regenerates weakened tissues
  • Caffeine from guarana seeds – stimulates microcirculation, accelerates fat burning, firms and smooths the skin
  • L-carnitine – enhances the effect of body contouring and reduces changes caused by cellulite
  • Beta-glucan and allantoin – hydrate the skin, making it become pleasantly smooth to the touch

Moisturising Body Balm

  • Oat beta-glucan – provides regeneration and a proper level of moisture
  • Sweet almond oil – penetrates the skin, smoothing and nourishing it
  • Vitamin E – slows the skin aging process
  • Triglycerides of caprylic and capric acid – strengthen the lipid barrier of epidermis, gently oil and refrain from loss of water

Hand Creams β-Glucan Active

Soft skin of hands, extremely vulnerable to signs of aging, requires special care. It will be provided by high-quality nutritional hand creams. Perfect for everyday use.

Regenerating & Nourishing Hand Cream

  • Oat beta-glucan and allantoin – actively regenerate damaged epidermis, protect against dryness, soften and soothe
  • Rice oil – delays premature aging of the skin and nourishes it effectively
  • Castor oil – strengthens and oils the nail plate

Moisturising & Smoothing Hand Cream

  • Lanolin and glycerin – actively moisturise, firm and soften the skin, giving a feeling of silky smoothness
  • Oat beta-glucan – regenerates dry epidermis
  • Castor oil – strengthens and nourishes the nail plate, protecting against dryness

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