Amaranth Orchid Satin Body & Hair Oil


This 75ml Amaranth Orchid Satin Body & Hair Oil has been designed for the comprehensive care of skin and hair

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  • It protects your skin and hair from drying out.
  • It immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and silky smooth.
  • Argan oil intensely nourishes your skin and hair. It contains a combination of soybean oil and sweet almond oil that intensively moisturises your skin and rebuilds its natural lipid barrier.
  • The orchid extract and vitamin E have an antioxidant and soothing effect making your skin look firm and youthfully radiant every day.
  • It has an excellent effect on the condition of over-dried and matte hair, leaving it soft and shiny.
  • It has a light texture which does not weigh your hair down.


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